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Hi, I’m Alycia Louise!



I live my life gluten free, and have since 2010, when we discovered I was Celiac. I come from a family of feeders, we love to cook and share food with people.  I started blogging to share my new found favorite gluten free recipes and my small time homesteading adventures (cause on my path to gluten free and creating a healthier me I started gardening and raising my own meat birds).



2017- I am 29, newly divorced, and starting this blog from scratch (not by choice- RIP old posts). It feels like a new beginning. Right now the farm has downsized and my homesteading adventures have shrunk to laying hens and some gardening but by 2018 I am hoping to add meat birds, and dairy goats back into the mix.


More about me?

I’m a book lover and get lost in book stores on purpose. I love all things tea and coffee (except earl grey…Y’all can keep that for yourself).  I’m becoming obsessed with essential oils and all their uses. And my dogs are named after Goddesses, Juno (pug mix) and Freya (pit mix).