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Essential oils on a food blog?

Yeah, I admit it may seem a little weird to have Essential oils on what is (mainly) a food blog, but hear me out.

When I started blogging it was because of my health. I had recently discovered I was Celiac and needed to eat gluten free in order to get healthy and live a normal life. Also around that time, my grandfather passed away and I was feeling  like life was too fragile, and I felt like I needed to take better care of myself. Have you ever felt that way?

To make a long story short, I discovered a few things about our food system that I really didn’t like (Thank you food documentaries) and started gardening, and raising my own meat birds.  I also started reading up on our overuse of antibiotics and the super bugs that are becoming resistant because of the overuse. Eating better and living a more natural, healthy lifestyle kinda fall in together and guess what comes up when you look into natural living?  If you guessed Essential oils, you are correct!


What are Essential oils?

Essential oils are the concentrated oil ‘essence’ of the plant they are extracted from. Each oil has their own properties and uses- from having antimicrobial properties to combating nausea.  Essential oils have been used throughout history with the earliest records dating back to Ibn al-Baitar (1188–1248) who was a physician, pharmacist and chemist in his time.

How do you use Essential oils?

There are several ways to use Essential oils,  a lot of it depends on the oil and why you are using it. For personal use there are three ways to use them:  diffusing them into the air, applying them topically, and ingesting them (here’s where I have to let you know I am not a health care provider and I am not giving medical advice, please see my Terms and Conditions for more info). Essential oils are powerful and versatile; they have a multitude of benefits but need to be respected. A little goes a long way!


Can’t I just buys oils from the grocery store?

Yeah, you can. I dipped my toes into Essential oils that way, but you know what? After I bought Essential oils that were 100% therapeutic grade I noticed a huge difference in quality and how much I needed to use. I went through my grocery store bottles quicker than my 100% therapeutic grade oils. I’ve tried a few different  companies that have higher quality Essential oils and finally settled on Young Living.

Why Young Living?

I danced around actually  signing up with ANY company because I just couldn’t choose between them!  I didn’t know the differences for a long time. It took a bit of looking into each company and comparing them in person before I made my choice.  I have a few reasons why I chose Young Living over their competitors.

First-  How old the company was. Young Living was founded in 1993, making it one of the oldest and most successful  companies in the industry – They must be doing something right!

Second- Their selection of products. They not only have tons of single oils and blends, but they also have personal care products like skincare, toothpaste, shampoos, and cleaning products (such as dish detergent and  laundry soap from their Thieves line). This year they also came out with a Makeup line AND a Baby care line of products.

Third-  Their Seed to Seal promise.  It’s their program to insure not only high quality oils, but also sustainability.  With Seed to Seal you know the products you purchase are  extensively tested through their rigorous quality control and demanding standards. Starting with the quality and sustainability of their seeds, they know where your oil comes from, how it was grown, harvested, distilled, etc.  They are industry-leading researchers and rigorously test each oil batch multiple times and use Third-party testing to ensure each oil meets their standards. They own their farms or make close partnerships with farms that pass their Seed to Seal standards. When I was lucky enough to go to the Young Living International Conference, I also  learned how close they work with their partner farms. If a batch of oil fails their testing, they test further and work with their partner farms on why it didn’t meet the standards and how to fix it! I also learned that they will not use third party crops.  Say if something happens and one of their precious crops is destroyed, instead of searching for third party substitutes to keep the oil in stock, they will run out of stock until they can ensure their Seed to Seal standard on the oil. Talk about commitment!

My other reasons for choosing and loving Young Living actually popped up when I went to the International conference, read more about that here, otherwise this page will get to long with me gabbing- back to the point!


Why I started Young Living?

I was using oils regularly and researching which company I wanted to sell with (Yes, I knew I wanted to sell oils, unlike how most people start in the business).  I was procrastinating on choosing when I found myself jobless, car less and going through a divorce, eep! I started the job search front and worked part-time in my parents food cart to pay the bills. I knew I needed something that would more than sustain me; something I would enjoy and that would build towards my future. Then I tagged along to a Young Living class with my mother and everything fell into place. I got a starter kit and have slowly been building up my business. I’m not a sales person (a holiday retail job taught me that) but these oils and products don’t need a sales person to sell them, they sell themselves (it sounds like a sales line, but its true). Once you try them you will fall in love with them, their scents and uses. You will find excuses to use them!

The best place to start with oils?

Signing up as a member (which is free) and buying a premium starter kit. There are a few kits available, the one I have pictured here is a popular one, with 10 of their most popular oils, a dewdrop diffuser (you can pick a different diffuser, but prices will vary), it comes with Ningxia Red samples (an antioxidant supplement), a bonus oil of stress away, samples, accessories, and educational literature. The dewdrop kit is $160 +tax and shipping (this kit is a $341.08 value).

If your still a little iffy on using oils but love the idea of the cleaning products and personal care, Young Living also has a premium starter kit featuring their Thieves line. Which is also $160 +tax and shipping (and is over a $238 value).

When you sign up, please use my member #11983273. Two things happen: I’ll get a commission from Young Living based on purchases made, as well as basic contact info. This helps me to verify that you’re fully enrolled for Young Living products and discounts. Don’t worry I won’t spam you, or bug you about ordering.

Essential Rewards?

When you sign up, it will prompt you to register for essential rewards. Don’t be intimidated by it like I was at first. If you think you will be buying 50pv (usually $50 or so) or more in products a month (which is easy) then sign up. It’s a subscription reward program, with reduced shipping rates, discounted  pricing on exclusive product kits, up to 25 percent back in essential rewards points(starts out at 10% and goes up), loyalty gifts, and is free to sign up. You can change nearly anything about your order: what day it processes, whats in your order and gives you the ability to cancel your order anytime. If you’re not ready for it, that’s cool, just bypass it for now.


Want to join my team and sell some awesome products?

Joining my team is easy. Contact me before (or after!) you buy your kit and sign up for essential rewards. I’ll guide you through setting up your business, connect you with other Young Living distributors (we are a helpful bunch) and offer support and knowledge.