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5 reasons why you should be using Lavender Essential Oil

by Alycia Louise

I feel like you either love or hate Lavender Essential oil.

I used to be firmly in the hate anything lavender club. Then I moved to a house that had an established lavender plant in the yard and I changed my mind. I figured out I hate FAKE lavender aka lavender fragrance, like those found in lavender scented soap and cleaning products. I can’t stand the fake stuff.

Real lavender smells amazing and doesn’t bother me. I’m in love with the lavender plant in the yard and have fought to keep it whenever re-landscaping and moving it comes up.

I’ve even ventured out and tried lavender flavored drinks and treats.  I haven’t become obsessed with it, and it is no longer a taboo scent for me.

Lavender Essential oil  (Lavandula angustifolia)  has a clean, floral scent.  It’s great to use by itself or blended with other oils. I tend to blend it with other oils and love using it in my nightly face cream. It helps me relax, improves my sleep, and is wonderful for my skin.

5 Reasons why you should be using Lavender Essential oil

1. It can improve your mood and reduces stress by creating a relaxing environment.
2. It promotes healthy hair and skin. Try making a nourishing hair spray or add a few drops to your nightly face moisturizer.
3. It can improve sleep quality. Just diffuse a few drops before bed.
4. It makes a wonderful natural perfume.
5. It’s great for adding to treats and drinks like Lavender Honey Latte or Lavender scones.

*** Make sure your oil brand uses pure Lavender which is Lavandula angustifolia.  It’s every common for Lavender oil to be cut with a hybrid (Lavandin) or a synthetic to cut costs. If your Essential oils isn’t pure it wont have the wellness properties it’s supposed too and could potentially be harmful to you or your pets.***

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