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What is Progessence Plus and why you should use it

by Alycia Louise
a close up photo of a bottle Progessence Plus essential oil blend from Young Living
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Progessence Plus ™ is an oil blend from Young Living, made with Balsam copaiba resin, Sacred Frankincense oil, Cedarwood oil, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Tocopherol, Bergamot peel oil (Furocoumarin-free), Peppermint leaf oil, USP-grade progesterone (from wild yam extract),  and Clove bud oil.

It’s specifically designed for women and is 100% plant based. It promotes feelings of relaxation, harmony and balance. I’m in love with its scent and feel like I’m putting on perfume when I apply it. It’s delicate and florally. It’s also wonderful for moisturizing your skin.

Progessence Plus ™  is formulated with a careful balance of wild yam extract and vitamin E to support healthy-looking skin, while pure Frankincense essential oil smooths the appearance of fine lines. Add it to your daily skin care regimen and fall in love.

A centered photo of a bottle of Progessence plus from Young Living

I incorporate it into my nightly wellness routine by applying it to my upper arms before bed. I’ve replaced the normal dropper top with a roller fitment and just roll it onto my skin neat. After experimenting applying it with and without the roller and I prefer the consistency and easy the roller fitment provides.

If you’re looking for a supplement with natural Progesterone this is a wonderful one.

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*Caution* Progessence Plus™  contains naturally derived Progesterone. Which can have an affect on your hormones. Talk with your healthcare provider before using.

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